Our mission

We want to make the most beautiful interior accessories imaginable. We want to be able to cater to every whim, to the point of basically having "custom" as our middle name. Our motto is "Take Pride in Your Ride" and we want to make sure that with our modest contribution, all the car lovers out there can do just that!


We know how to achieve this, too! Between the few members of our staff, we have over 75 years of experience in working with leather, and manufacturing leather items. So we do know leather inside-out! Our manufacturing staff (see below) have had decades of experience in leatherwork prior to joining RedlineGoods back in 1999!


If you'd like to read more about what we do, and how - please read this article which explains how do we create quality leather shift boots and steering wheel covers with "custom", and "quality" at the core of what we do every day!


Our history

This is actually quite interesting, although typical. Our company started from a personal need. Mike had a car he couldn't really afford and a bored yet beauty-loving girlfriend. Here's the history of shift boots made by RedlineGoods.


Meet the team

Meet the team that makes those beautiful shift boots and steering wheel covers. Rather than a large, nameless corporation, we are a small family-owned company, with the same staff since we started 20+ years ago! Pleased to meet you, and here's us:


Maciek (AKA Mike)
Mike, the lead guy, handles sales and advertising. Most of your attempts of contact with us via online chat, email or telephone will go through me... did I mention I handle the website as well? :) I used to have a Fairlady Z (Nissan 300ZX) which was our first product. Then went through a bit of a career in drifting, however with more kids coming along the way, that ended back in 2012. Since then, I'm a full time Dad (of four)!
Jack - official title "wingman". Second in command. Wholly responsible for communication via the forums and social media (so he's the one you're talking to on Facebook Messenger). An avid car freak, whose automotive interests have no limits. Handles new product development and is the absolute expert on our steering wheel covers line. Widowed father of two.
Andrew, Mike's father, handles production - scheduling and supervising. Accounting and supplies as well. Very patient, meticulous and understanding. A yachtmaster ocean certificate holde who had traveled, in his day, pretty much all over the globe in a sailing career that spanned over 50 years!

Cristina, Bozena, Iwona and Magda (Cristina's daughter in law - we really are a family company!) produce, package and ship our products. They asked to be excused from having their pictures online (ladies would do that sometimes we guess). However, you can still get a glimpse of them if you want to check into their typical working day.


Our manufacturing process

This is our workshop. It's a little cozy place we're renting, it's approximately 800 sq ft (80 square meters). One wall is where all the templates hang. This picture is dated - there are about twice that now:


Most of the room is occupied by the working tables. There are 3. First (pic above) is used for cutting. These two are the sewing tables.


Cristina, the chief seamstress, handles all cutting. That's what it looks like.


Here's a Legacy 2005+ shift boot in pieces, laid over the leather.


Bozena doing her job - sewing the pieces up.


Detailed photos of the stitching process. The two adjacent panels already joined with the center seam. First row of decorative stitching appears on the leather...


... to be followed, in this case, with the outside thread since Quadruple thread (more pics here) was ordered for this boot.


Here's a shift boot, all sewn up and set on a table for quality control. Next step: envelope and off it goes! :)


Here's a picture taken from the entryway to the workshop, with Cristina (right) and Bozena (left), our two busy bees creating the beauties you can see all over our website (and the Facebook page!) :)


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