Who are we and how are our beautiful products made!

Meet the team that makes these for you! As you can see, we are not a large, nameless corporation. We want you to see our faces, and how we do our work, since we are a family-owned, small company that has employed the same people for over a decade now. Pleased to meet you! :)

Maciek (AKA Mike), the owner and boss, handles sales and advertising. Most of your attempts of contact with us via online chat, email or telephone will go through me... did I mention I handle the website as well? :)

Andrew, my father, handles production - scheduling and supervising.

Jack is responsible for communication via the forums and for development of new products, such as steering wheel covers and such. He's also the guy who handles the graphical part of our website (pictures, banners, etc.)

Kinga, Jack's wife, makes the steering wheels for you guys.

Cristina and Bozena produce all other items besides the wheels. Here's what their working day looks like.

This is our workshop. It's a small, cozy place we're renting, it's approximately 400 sq ft (40 square meters). One wall is where all the templates hang:


Most of the room is occupied by the working tables. There are 3. First (pic above) is used for cutting. These two are the sewing tables.


Cristina, the chief seamstress, handles all cutting. That's what it looks like.


Here's a Legacy 2005+ shift boot in pieces, laid over the leather.


Bozena doing her job - sewing the pieces up.


Detailed photos of the stitching process. The two adjacent panels already joined with the center seam. First row of decorative stitching appears on the leather...


... to be followed, in this case, with the outside thread since Quadruple thread (more pics here) was ordered for this boot.


Here's a shift boot, all sewn up and set on a table for quality control. Next step: envelope and off it goes! :)


Here's a picture taken from the entryway to the workshop, with Cristina (right) and Bozena (left), our two busy bees creating the beauties you can see all over our website (and the Facebook page!) :)


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