Aftermarket Leather Shift Boots That Fit

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Car-enthusiasts, professional drivers, or anyone who is proud of their vehicle can benefit from after-market leather shift boots. When they’re custom-made, they have multiple benefits and, when done right, can fit like they’re straight from the factory.


Who are we?

A family-owned business that’s employed the same team for over two decades! A tight-knit group of people brought together for their love of quality work.


Like many small, family-owned businesses, we pour time and energy into every single product. Our reputation, livelihood, and repeat customers depend on how well we make our products but that isn’t the main reason we do what we do. We make quality shift boots because crafting beautiful leather for cars is just what we know and love doing.


How to get aftermarket to fit like OEM

How do you get an aftermarket leather shift boot to fit like it’s factory made? The answer is simple, really — you hand sew it. We have been hand-crafting our products since we incorporated. It’s the only way to guarantee a custom-made aftermarket leather shift boot will fit the exact specifications of your vehicle! You can search for your make and model on the RedlineGoods site. If we haven’t made one for your vehicle before, you’ll get yours for FREE.


The seamstresses spend their days hand cutting leather to exact specifications and then sewing the patterns into your leather shift boots. The quality-control that goes into each item is precise and exhaustive in order to ensure a perfect fit each time.


We do not sell generic, one-size fits all solutions. We just don’t believe in it.


Why Italian Leather?

One might think "leather is leather, what’s the difference between my car and my couch?" but that would be wrong. Automotive leather is a very different kind of leather. It has been engineered and designed to meet some pretty stiff performance, aesthetic and environmental requirements.


For vehicle interiors, the only material you’ll want to use is automotive, top-grade Italian calfskin leather. When you decide to replace the vinyl your car came with, you’ll want to replace it with a quality product. Automotive Italian calfskin leather is thick enough to be durable — it can withstand daily use and small nicks and scratches can be buffed out — but it supple enough to feel buttery-soft in your hands. Our leather is also UV protected so it won’t fade in the sun.


And, nothing can replace that fresh leather smell. The automotive calfskin leather used by RedlineGoods is purchased from workers who know the old world traditions and believe in passion in products. It’s much thicker than factory products and forms naturally around your shifter.


We also uses Nappa Leather which is smooth (no texture). The quality is the same as genuine top-grade leathers. BMW, Audi and others use this leather in their top of the line interiors..


If you do not want leather, there are three other alternative options for automotive leather:
- Genuine Alcantara which has been used since the 1980s. This fiber provides a softness, comfort, safety and durability as an alternative to leather. Very "in" fabric in automotive interiors since a few years ago.
- Faux-alcantara which is not genuine Alcantara, but nearly identical in look and feel. If budget is not an issue, it’s strongly recommended to go with genuine Alcantra as it can protect against UV rays while faux-alcantara cannot.
- Carbon-fiber vinyl is the new big thing in upholstery products. It’s often used in Racing, Import Vehicle and OEM applications because it’s embossed to have the look of real carbon fiber.


If you’re not sure how these might actually look in your vehicle, you can request a sample in the color and material you’re thinking of purchasing!


Short Shift Boots

Do you have a shorter shifter? Luckily for you, we create short leather shifter boots to perfectly match your sporty short throw shifter. As you likely know, a stock shift boot will droop and bunch with excess material around your lever — giving your interior a sloppy look that’s difficult to keep clean. Not to mention, your boot could get caught in the shifter linkage.


It’s time you upgraded to a short leather shifter boot to match your car’s sleek aesthetic!


Perfectly Match Your Leather Shift Boot Color

With over 50 colors to choose from, you can perfectly match your leather shifter boot to the color of your interior. Or, choose a sporty color accent like a red shift boot! Our black leather shift boots are by far the most popular but you get to decide how to customize the inside of your car when you buy a leather shift boot.


Once you’ve decided on the color of your leather, you can choose a thread to either match or contrast. If you want something to pop, choose a contrasting color so the thread is fully visible. If you want something to blend but still accent, choose a color that is close to the leather but not quite an exact match.


Match Your Entire Car Interior

For a stylish and cohesive aesthetic, match your steering wheel cover, seatbelts, arm rests and e-brake boot to your leather shift boot.



By upgrading your factory armest, you can get extra padding — which means extra comfort for those long drives. It can cover the wear and tear left from scuffs and scratches. We provide two options: Really Comfortable and Extremely Comfortable.


Steering Wheel Covers

A RedlineGoods steering wheel cover can completely change your wheel. They are much, much better than the cheaper ones found online - those that you would just pull on your wheel in seconds. While hiding the wear of your factory leather, they will never be as aesthetically pleasing as a new factory wheel, because they create another layer on the wheel that does not blend in well with the spokes of the wheel.


Each RedlineGoods steering wheel cover is tailored to your steering wheel making certain that our solution covers the entire wheel — spokes included. The cover can make an old wheel look new, and a new wheel look even better. And, we offer steering wheel padding or thumb-grips (AKA thumb-bumps) for a sporty vibe. RedlineGoods steering wheel covers reupholster the entire wheel, rather than just merely cover the defects with a slap-on cover. You can get professional installation from RedlineGoods (mail in your wheel with the wrap and we will put them together for you) or you can do it yourself with the instructions provided. It’s a 3-4 hour job that doesn’t require the removal of the wheel from the car, and provides tremendous satisfaction once completed.


For the race car enthusiasts, you can take the sporty aesthetic a step further with a flat-bottomed steering wheel. RedlineGoods offers professionally remanufactured OEM steering wheels with flat bottoms, large thumb-grips and padding for thicker, sportier grip. They are designed to work with factory airbags and mounts with no modifications required.


Seat Belt Pads

Seat belt pads can offer comfort on top of customization for your interior. The ones made by RedlineGoods have back-padding and can be enhanced with embroidery — making them excellent gifts. They fit flush with your seatbelts to avoid uncomfortable bulk and can match perfectly to other RedlineGoods products.


E-brake Boot

Your e-brake boot sits front-and-center console. You won’t want to leave this piece of your car’s interior out. Have a custom e-brake boot made to match the rest of your modified aesthetic.


Custom-made Shift Boots

Is your vehicle unlike the others? We want to see it. For as long as we’ve been in business, we’ve been doing custom work for customers. This can include (but is not limited to): height adjustments, collar redesign for aftermarket shift knobs and, last but definitely not least, completely custom shift boots.


We have created custom leather shift boots for small airplanes, cranes, helicopters and awesome, unique cars — like the one pictured below for a 4-stick shift boot for a modified transmission on a Toyota 4runner:


Custom shift boot


We will cater to your needs even if all you have is a picture of your interior!



Being in business since 1999 has allowed us to collect over 25 thousand (and counting) individual reviews, amassing them with a 4.8 out of 5 star rating. We guarantee your satisfaction with quality products and unmatched customer service.


"I have been looking for a customized shift boot for a while. After not finding what I wanted on the usual Corvette online suppliers and EBAY, I almost gave up and settled for average. So glad to find you guys ! Thank You"
- T. Karah


"I bought a steering wheel cover and had it installed by my local upholstery shop. It looks and feels better than OEM! This made me decide to purchase more goods."
- Ehrard


"I decided to reach out to see if this company could produce a custom set off boots and steering wheel wrap for my rig. I was looking to do a matching set of black leather with red, white, and blue striping, to show a little American pride in my rig. I received a response the next day from Mike from RedlineGoods stating that they would be more than happy to assist me in creating something that would help to distinguish my Jeep. We exchanged e-mails for a few days, and came to an agreement on what I was looking for. I ordered a full set, shifter boot, e-brake boot and steering wheel wrap for my rig...


"I was the first to have a steering wheel wrap made for the Jeep JK, so I can’t say how easy it was to wrap. (although they have instructions for this as well.) Since I was the first, RedlineGoods offered to produce the wrap for free in exchange for my feedback. In our communication, we agreed that they would procure a wheel locally, produce the product, wrap the wheel for me and ship it completed. In return, I agreed that I would install the new wheel and ship back my old wheel once complete. A fair price indeed!"


"I have to say that my experience with RedlineGoods and their staff was outstanding. They are very professional and accommodating. Their products are superior and the craftsmanship is outstanding. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase from them and I recommend that if you are in the market, or you're feeling the itch to do something custom, you give RedlineGoods your business."


Don’t see your vehicle on the site? Then inquire about your FREE custom product!

One of the best things about RedlineGoods is that if you don’t find your exact car on our site, we’ll invest in YOU. If you’re looking to buy their great leather shift boots or steering wheel cover but you don’t see your car's dimensions on our site, we’ll work with you to make it happen — and make it for you for FREE.


What you need to do:
1. Send us your OEM accessories to use as templates. We will need to cut them and keep them, so they will not be returned.
2. Pay a $70 per item deposit.
3. Submit an installation write-up and pictures, then get a full refund of the deposit!


For steering wheel covers specifically, you will have to:
1. Email a picture of your wheel. We will then try to find a donor core locally. If we can't, you can send in yours.
2. You have to invest:
  - $100 for the wrap
  - $100 for installation of the wrap
  - $50 for shipping of the wheel to you
  - If we buy a core, whatever we pay for it (usually $30-$70 range for most wheels)
3. When you send back photos of the wrap installed, you get $100 back. This way, you pay for shipping and installation, but not the wrap itself, which is a pretty great deal.


At RedlineGoods we take pride in our manufacturing process, providing a product that is of the highest quality. And, we want you to Take Pride in Your Ride, too! That’s why we’ve been operating since 1999 and is why so many happy customers trust us to customize their cars. A small, family-owned business with heart — you can trust RedlineGoods to make leather shift boots that fit like they’re straight out of the factory. RedlineGoods’ focus on customer service ensures you’ll never have to worry! Browse shift boots for popular vehicles like Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Camaro, Mazda Miata, and more!

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