We can still make our awesome shift boots and steering wheel covers for you. FOR FREE!


Shift boots, armrest covers

All we'd need is a bit of your time - which you would spend anyway to install them. If you can photograph and briefly describe the installation process, this offer is for you.


1) Send us your OEM accessories to use as templates. We will need to cut them and keep them, so they would not be returned.

2) Pay a $70 per item deposit

3) Submit and installation write-up and pictures to get a full refund.


This method has proven to work effectively for both sides and the list of our products can be proof, that this can be done. Interested? Please contact us.


Steering wheel covers

1) Email us a picture of your wheel. We will try to find a donor corelocally. If we can't, you can send in yours.

2) You have to invest

$100 for the wrap
$100 for installation of the wrap
$50 for shipping of the wheel to you
If we buy a core, whatever we paid for it, usually $30-$70 range for most wheels

3) When you send us pics of the wrap installed, you get $100 back.


Thank you very much,


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