Striped boots will instantly make your interior look more aggressive. You can choose a different color and/or material to make them really stand out!

By default the stripes are always located at the panel joints, so there will be as many of them as your boots have panels, but that`s another thing we would love to customize for you!

If your stock boot has just two panels and you`d like stripes towards all corners of the boot - we can do it. If you want a front-to-back racing stripe on a 4-panel shift boot - we can do it! Just tell us what you need and we will make it happen!








Stripes on steering wheel covers mean a centering stripe, which gives your wheel a sporty look. Centering lines/stripes are present on pretty much all racing wheels worldwide.

1999 Mustang Cobra - Black genuine Alcantara, millenium yellow centering stripe, millenium yellow thread! Awesome!

Nissan 370Z - Black genuine Alcantara, smooth black Nappa leather, Red racing-style and padding for thicker grip

Lancer EvoX - charcoal Alcantara with padding and racing style blue Alcantara centering stripe

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