Best Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

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Finding a great gift idea for a car lover is tricky if you're not a gearhead yourself. In this article, we'd like to offer some suggestions that can help: a variety of inexpensive gifts for car lovers.


We have items that start at under $50 (or even $40 in case of vintage cars) and can be installed in minutes. That's without having to hire a mechanic to perform the installation.


Even more importantly, most interior modifications described here will fly under the radar of leasing company adjusters when the car is returned at the end of the lease. So in that sense, these items are 'safe' car enthusiast gifts. That means the lucky recipient will have no qualms about actually enjoying them in their vehicles.


Car Lovers' Gift Ideas Under $50

Most vehicle that are 3 years or older will soon need a new shift boot.


Although the notion of a shift boot applies predominantly to manual transmission vehicles, many automatic transmissions also use one. A shift boot moves constantly, with every gear shift, which occurs hundreds of times on even a short drive.


Therefore, the condition of the item is going to show wear much sooner than other, more static, interior components (dash, seats, etc.). It's worth mentioning that RedlineGoods shift boots can be customized style-wise through literally millions of possible color and style options.


A gift of a new shift boot will not only remove the signs of wear borne by the factory boot, but will also give the personal touch to the interior of the vehicle. That's a factor any car lover will appreciate!


Unsure whether the person you're considering giving a new shift boot to is capable of installing one? Please rest assured that in order to replace a shift boot, all one needs is a bit of time and basic household tools such as a Philips screwdriver.


The usual installation time is 5-15 minutes depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Furthermore, all our shift boots have detailed installation instructions to walk the vehicle owner through the necessary steps!.


When it comes to vehicles with automatic transmissions, a new car armrest is one of the best gifts for car lovers. Regardless of transmission type, this idea is worth considering when the car lover in question is a pet owner as well!


Driving around with dogs often results in claw marks even after a short drive. That's due to the way the animals instinctively use claws to remain stable in a moving environment of a driving vehicle.


A new, high-quality armrest cover will not only restore the vehicle's armrest to like-new condition, but will also protect it against further wear. For someone who truly loves their car, that can be the perfect gift.


An important optional upgrade to a new armrest cover is padding, which is a 3/4 inch thick layer of cushion inserted into the cover which will go a long way towards making the driving position significantly more comfortable.


Gift Ideas for Car Lovers: $100-$150 price range

If your budget is triple digit, we sincerely recommend a new steering wheel cover as a gift for a car enthusiast.


A steering wheel cover will make the vehicle much, much more appealing to the owner/driver. Whatever mileage the car has on the odometer will be less of an eyesore with a steering wheel that looks like new (or better than, as is the case with our steering wheel covers).


Installing a steering wheel cover is more difficult and involved the process for a shift boot or armrest cover. However, it still can be done in the driveway, without removing the wheel from the car, and in a matter of 2-3 hours.


Also, the design and style choices available for the under-$50 items are available for steering wheel covers as well. That vital aspect of the vehicle interior can be customized to the aesthetic taste of the car's owner!


When In Doubt, Let Them Decide

The plethora of possible customizations is a blessing but can be a curse as well. We all hate to get our gifts wrong! There are to ways we allow you to mitigate that risk when selecting gifts for car enthusiasts!


The first one is our Customer First Policy which allows any recipient of a RedlineGoods product to replace it with another color/style or even an item of similar value.


Shop with confidence! Even if you don't get the colors exactly right, the recipient can contact us. We'll facilitate and exchange for whatever color or style they prefer!


Second, if you'd rather they decide the colors rather than risk having to deal with a potential exchange later on, we offer gift cards which take the burden of deciding off your hands!


What's more - you save when you purchase gift cards! The larger the gift card value, the bigger your discount. For instance a $50 gift card will cost you $45 (10% off), and the discount grows to a whopping 20% if the gift card is above $200 (you only pay $160!)


We take pride in our manufacturing process, providing products that are of the highest quality. A small, family-owned business with heart — you can trust RedlineGoods to make shift boots and leather steering wheel covers that fit like they’re straight out of the factory.


Our focus on customer service ensures you’ll never have to worry about your RedlineGoods leather shift boot/steering wheel cover! Our products and services have an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 star rating from our happy customers!

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