Create Your Perfect Custom Shift Boot

We are the #1 place for custom shift boots. From custom styling a shift boot to match the interior theme, through small modifications to the factory design (short shifters, tranny swaps) all the way to totally custom shift boots for any application, we do it all.


Custom shift boot styling

With 50+ available colors and many special styles, sky's the limit on how custom can your shift boot get. Some samples of what we can do include:

To customize the style of your shift boot while retaining the factory design, please shop via your car make/model browser in red on top of page - you will customize colors and styling during check-out!


We also make super custom shift boot cover designs, beyond the styles listed above. Here is a Union Jack (United Kingdom flag) in a very British Austin Healey roadster, as an example:


Custom UK shift boot design 


Short shifters, custom shift knobs/transmissions

Ever since we have been in business (which dates back to 1999), we have been doing custom work for our customers: height adjustments, customizing shift boots for aftermarket shift knobs, transmission swaps and similar. To order either of these modifications, just choose the correct option during check-out or describe in the comments to your order!

Design Completely Custom Shift Boots!

We have created custom shift boots for small airplanes, cranes, helicopters and awesome, unique cars with all sorts of modifications. We can cater to your needs even if all you have is a picture of your interior! We would be happy to walk you through the process of gathering the dimensions and we will work closely with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your custom leather shift boot!


How custom can it be? Sky's the limit. To prove this point, here's a custom 4-stick shift boot for a modified offroad transmission on a Toyota 4runner:


Custom shift boot 

Custom shift boot - triple stick transfer case 

Custom shift boot - modified transmission 


If you want a custom shift boot cover but aren’t sure what to design, give us a call or browse our site. We have many past-work samples for you to look at. We can also create brand new custom gear shift boots for your wants and needs.


Found this topic interesting? Got some custom shift boot ideas? Please contact us at


Choose, install and clean your shift boot

We have put together a shift boot A-Z knowledge base to help you learn everything you need to know about selecting the right shift boot. Pitfalls to avoid and features to look for. We cover durability of various material options for your new shift boot, design of custom shift boots as well as installation and cleaning of shift boots and much more!

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