Everything about shift boots

We are a small, family-owned business you can trust to make your new shift boots that will fit like factory. We know everything there is to know about shift boots, as we've been business since 1999. Our resources will help you choose your perfect shift boot material, guide you in replacing shift boots, and help you with tips on how to clean your shift boot.

Our focus on customer service ensures you’ll never have to worry about your new leather shift boot! We are glad to enjoy an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 star rating from our happy customers!

How to choose a shift boot
Why do you need a shift boot in the first place, what to look out for when shift boot shopping, and what to keep in mind while doing so. We break it all down for you in this article.

Updated by Mike, Sep 1st 2023. Reading time 5 min.
Leather, suede, Alcantara or vinyl?
One of the questions we get asked most often is the fabric selection guidance for a new shift boot. Here's our take on the various available options out there.

Updated by Mike, Sep 15th 2023. Reading time 2 min.
How to clean a shift boot
There are a few necessary steps on how to clean your shift boot and restore it to maximum possible glory. Different methods need to be used depending on material used for your shift boot.

Updated by Mike, Sep 10th 2023. Reading time 3 min.
How to change a shift boot
While replacing a shift boot is largely vehicle-dependent, there are some universal principles to this procedure, and some tips and tricks to make it easier. We cover them extensively in this article.

Updated by Mike, May 15th 2023. Reading time 4 min.
What makes a quality shift boot?
Not all shift boots are created equals. There are generic ones, there are other ones, and there are RedlineGoods shift boots. If you'd like to know why ours stand apart from others, read this article.

Updated by Mike, Sep 5th 2023. Reading time 9 min.
Gift Ideas For Car People
A new shift boot could be a very affordable, yet personalized and thus welcome gift for a special person, especially when that special person's heart pumps fuel instead of blood (like ours).

Updated by Mike, Sep 8th 2023. Reading time 6 min.
What is a shift boot?
Read about various options for having your new shift boot made. Let's look beyond leather and Alcantara and evaluate vinyl, pleather and rubber.

Updated by Mike, Aug 30th 2023. Reading time 8 min.
History of our shift boot line
From a torn shift boot on a cult car to over 100,000 customers! This article might inspire you to convert a personal need into a thriving business (even if it's a small business, like ours).

Updated by Mike, May 15th 2023. Reading time 4 min.
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