Do you like our products? Do you think we do a great job? Got a blog, website or a social media following? Well, why not MAKE SOME MONEY on such referrals? Why not BECOME OUR AFFILIATE?


Features for our affiliates

  • > Commissions - 7-10% on all sales depending on tier. Average order approx $150!
  • > Applies to all purchases. Forever! We want you to make money!
  • > We have product datafeeds that we can make available in any format you need!
  • > We can provide discount coupons for affiliates to help close sales quickly!
  • > We publish newsletters about relevant products to customers that didn't complete check-out.


Our focus on online marketing

  • > We have 18K likes on our Facebook wall, almost everyone is following. We publish new content regularly and promote it via boosting.
  • > We use Facebook pixel, Google Remarketing tags and invest heavily in Adwords and Facebook ads to keep the customer's interest.
  • > We have a save the cart system in place that boost sales by
    •    > Offering an instant discount in case customers is trying to leave cart, and
    •    > Periodically emails customers who left us their email with reminders (and extra discounts) to help close the sale


In short - get the customer to our site. We'll do the rest.

We will make sure you, as our affiliate, will succeed. Our products work, our customers love them, and there are no limits to what we can do to support you! Please reach out to us to get started. We always respond to emails within 24 hours!

Our affiliate program is managed by To enroll, or sign in, please visit our RedlineGoods Affiliate Program on

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