We wholeheartedly invite all businesses dealing with car parts, accessories and tuning to become our wholesale accounts. We have several of them already, with some of the relationships going as far 8 years back and we are a solid partner, easy to work with at the same time.


Each automotive-related business is a kingdom unto its own and RedlineGoods is the first to recognise that. However, there are common partnership models that will work for most businesses. Both of them are supported by RedlineGoods, of course.


1. Stocking of items for quick delivery to customers.


Basing on our extensive sales statistics for the last 4 years, we can make a recommendation for each car make and model of what colors of shift boots are typically most sought-after. For most partners we would recommend stocking a reasonable quantity of our products in the most commond color combinations for a particular car model. This will allow for quick delivery of most typical orders to your customers conveniently from your warehouse.


For stocking orders our typical wholesale discount schedule is:


20% off our retail prices, provided that each stocking order is above $500 in total,

25% off our retail prices, provided that each stocking order is above $1000 in total,

30% off our retail prices provided that each stocking order is above $2000 in total


We ship all items to your corporate (or other, as designated by you) address, which also helps optimize the cost of shipping our products to your warehouse.


All items are clearly labeled so that your staff will have no problems identifying them.


2. Having us drop-ship items directly to your customers.


Some businesses will decide to rely solely on most quickly-moving color combinations (such as black leather with matching thread, or black leather with red thread) and disregard the possibility of offering their customers more color options.


If you'd rather offer more options than the most basic ones, why not have us take care of such orders (further referred to as drop-shipping orders)?


We will drop-ship directly to your customers and, more broadly speaking, take care of all the chores regarding order delivery while you reap the benefits of the wholesale commission!


For drop-shipping orders we can offer a discount in the range of 15%-25% depending on car make and model. You have to cover our shipping cost of $6 per each order as well.


Here are but a few examples of companies we work with already:

AmericanMuscle (Ford Mustang) - blind drop-shipping, private label

Andys Auto Sport (private label)

GoMiata (Miata only)

OutMotoring (MINI specialty)


If you'd like more information, please send us an inquiry.


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