What makes a good steering wheel cover?

Updated by Mike on 2023-09-12

Over time, most steering wheels start to exhibit wear. And, paradoxically, the better a steering wheel looks when new, the quicker it deteriorates.

The reason for this is simple. Upscale steering wheels are wrapped in leather, while their lower-grade counterparts are molded resin. The leather layer is quicker to deteriorate over time, showing wear. Resin-molded wheels wear too, albeit significantly slower. Oftentimes, steering wheels we receive from our customers for refurbishing, even from premium brand vehicles not even 10 years old, have chunks of leather completely worn through or even missing!


Regardless of whether your wheel is leather, or plastic/vinyl, buying a steering wheel cover makes perfect sense for a number of reasons. The looks, for one. Either to make your interior look nice and clean, or be a finishing touch to your custom build.


As an upgrade, too - to replace the bare urethane cheap-looking wheel with a leather one. To add a racing stripe (centering stripe), thus giving your steering wheel a more sporty feel. A steering wheel cover coupled with our custom upgrades such as thumb-grips and padding, can really turn a flimsy-looking steering wheel into a thick and beefy one that will not just look beautiful, but also feel great to touch and operate.


There two types of steering wheel covers. Ones that are more or less obvious add-ons - usually the low-end pull-over variety that can be purchased for less than $20 in a number of venues, including some gas stations. While cheap, they are very adequately described by the age-old adage "you get what you pay for", as most auto enthusiastast would agree that a steeering wheel cover of that nature only marginally, if it all, improves the aesthetic appearance of the wheel.


The other type is one that is more an upholstering job on a steering wheel, than a mere steering wheel cover. That, in our book, is the only proper steering wheel cover that should be considered if your vehicle's appearance is of any importance. Lace-on steering wheel cover are the only kind you'll find here. They are much more involved to install, since they require lacing (sewing) on the wheel, but another adage applicable here is, well, "no pain no gain".


However, the tedious job of installing a steering wheel cover can be outsourced! We offer the service of steering wheel cover installation for all our products. All you need to do is buy our steering wheel cover, remove the wheel (or have your mechanic do it for you) and send it in to us. We take care of everything else, so you can enjoy the result without worrying about the time and effort needed to attain it.


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