If your frame is large and your hands proportionate, many steering wheels are probably too thin for you! Our solution? Add 1/8 to 1/4 inch to your wheel girth! Thickened steering wheel cover along with underlying padding. Specially selected padding with small compression factor. No smooshy feeling of a soft wheel some upholsters out there offer. All in all... it will be PERFECT!


Comparison: leather, no padding vs alcantara (padded). Alcantara is thinner than leather so if leather was used for the padded wheel the difference would be even more significant!
Nissan 370Z with padding and Alcantara on the sides. Firmer grip and sportier feel to the car!

Mazda MDX padded steering wheel cover

Good old Miata. Padded for more grip!
Mazda Miata thicker steering wheel


Thumb-grips will make your wheel feel sportier. Combine them with padding to get the ultimater sporty steering experience. Or just get the thumb-grips if the girth of your wheel fits your palms fine, but lack of thumbgrips makes it hard to retain the proper performance driving grip (3 and 9 o'clock positions)!


Comparison with thumbgrips and without. World of difference!

Added to a regular steering wheel on a Silverado:

Thumb-grips and padding for the ultimate sports car steering feel!


DISCLAIMER: Adding these options might result with small creasing of the wheel cover around the spokes. This is not always completely avoidable and is therefore not considered a flaw of the product.

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