Steering wheel covers A-Z

We are a small, family-owned business you can trust to make your new steering wheel cover. As we've been business since 1999, we've gathered a big body of knowledge we'd like to share with you here, to help you pick the perfect fabric for your new steering wheel cover, install it and maintain it.

Our focus on customer service ensures you’ll get an awesome new leather steering wheel cover! We are glad to enjoy an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 star rating from our happy customers!

What is a steering wheel cover
Over time, most steering wheels start to exhibit wear. And, paradoxically, the better a steering wheel looks when new, the quicker it deteriorates. This article explain how to remedy the passage of time visible on your steering wheel.

Updated by Mike, Sep 12th 2023. Reading time 6 min.
Choosing a steering wheel cover
What to look for in buying a steering wheel cover? What results can be expected depending on the choices you make? Slap-on or pull-on vs lace-on steering wheel covers. Leather vs Alcantara - durability and maintenance. Read it all here!

Updated by Mike, Aug 30th 2023. Reading time 5 min.
Leather vs Alcantara
Steering wheel covers can be leather or Alcantara (which is a suede-like synthetic specialty motorports fabric). This article breaks down the pros and cons of either of these two material choices for a steering wheel cover.

Updated by Mike, Sep 10th 2023. Reading time 3 min.
Installing steering wheel covers
While we do offer professional installation, it is wholly possible to install our steering wheel cover on your own, even without removing the wheel from the car. Just make sure you protect your car's interior and you'll be fine. This article will explain the procedure.

Updated by Mike, Sep 10th 2023. Reading time 3 min.
How to clean your steering wheel
Methods to use to revoke the like-new condition of your steering wheel, depending on the material it's made with and the type of stains. Using conditioners to ensure it looks pristine every day.

Updated by Mike, Sep 15th 2023. Reading time 2 min.
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