Dear Customer,


As of today, we don`t support the product you requested. However, we would like to accomodate you with a boot for your car. Therefore we would like to propose the following.


The manner in which we have devised almost all of our products is that once we had a person interested in getting our boots for their car which we did not support at the time, we'd offer them to send their current, stock boots to us to use as templates. We will need to cut them and keep them, so they would not be returned.


To express our gratitude for such an effort, we do give our leather boots for free, but we require writing an installation write-up (you can find many of those on our site, it's not that much work, just a description of pictures of the steps you took to install them) and sending it to us via email along with some after-installation pictures.


We also require a fully reimbursable deposit before we send out our product to you. Unfortunately it has happened before that we never received the materials (install and pictures) we needed and we were out on a set of boots. Therefore since about a year ago it is our policy that before the boots are put in the mail, we need a $70 PER ITEM deposit via PayPal which will be returned to you in full once we receive the materials we require.

This method has proven to work effectively for both sides and the list of our products can be proof, that this can be done. If you find yourself interested in this, please contact us via email at (just click the email address to open a new message to us regarding this offer).


Thank you very much,

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