Get $10 back on any purchase made with us, once you post pictures of our products installed in your car on two out of three:

- an online car forum (requires a link to our website under anchor of shift boot, or steering wheel cover, depending on the product you are endorsing in exchange for the giveback)
- our Facebook page
- Instagram or Pinterest (with #RedlineGoods hash-tag as a must!).

Once done, simply fill out this form and we will send the $10 credit the same way you ordered with us (PayPal or your credit card).


Your name:

Your e-mail:

Note (must contain link to your post):

How much is 6 + 12:


Please note that $10 applies to all orders totalling over $100. If your order was below $100, an $5 credit applies.

If you are a new user of that forum, we reserve the right wait a few days before sending your credit, in order to make sure your post is not removed by the moderators.

Submitting a photo attachment to a forum post via this giveback forms means you grant us permission to use the photo in our advertising, website, Facebook at our discretion.


Questions? Please contact us at

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