Mazda Miata Interior Mods: Upgrade Your Roadster

Posted by: Mike on October 19th, 2022.
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The Mazda Miata is quite the roadster. With more than 1 million Miatas sold globally, plenty of people have come to love its excellent handling, modest size, unique styling, and exceptional performance.


If you're a Miata enthusiast, none of that is exactly a surprise. You're probably much more interested in how you can upgrade your Miata to make it stand out. Whether you're in a local car club or just want to spruce up your interior, it always feels good to make your car truly your own.


We've put together some of our favorite mods for Mazda Miata interior parts to help you do exactly that. Keep reading to see how a few changes and upgrades can transform your Miata's interior.


How Can I Make my Miata Better?

The Miata is a high-end car with an avid fanbase, so it may not be that surprising to hear the aftermarket support for it is mind-boggling. That is true from inexpensive Miata interior upgrades all the way through performance customizations including super high horsepower motors.


When you’re driving, you spend your time in the interior of your vehicle. With that in mind, we'll focus on upgrading Miata interior parts and accessories in this article.


3 Favorite Mazda Miata Interior Mods

Whether you want to start small or make a bunch of interior mods to your Miata all at once, you have plenty of options for upgrades.


Let’s focus on some especially cost-effective changes. These are small but powerful modifications to your Mazda’s interior.


Where better to start than the steering wheel? Because it’s handled so frequently, it can quickly show signs of wear and tear. A Mazda Miata steering wheel cover can help it seem brand new once again.


Beyond restoring your steering wheel to a like-new condition, Mazda Miata steering wheel cover will:
→Better align with your taste and the color scheme you’ve selected
→Thicken the wheel, offering more driving comfort and a better overall experience
→Protect your factory steering wheel from further damage.


There is a reason why all factory wheel covers are sewn (laced) on the respective steering wheel. It’s the only process that offers a factory-quality (or better!) appearance.


Mazda Miata steering wheel covers from RedlineGoods reupholster your wheel fully, rather than just cover up the defects. The job can be completed inside the vehicle (here's how to install a steering wheel cover yourself).


If you are willing to go that route, the result you will achieve will be fantastic, like this for instance:


Mazda Miata steering wheel with increased girth and thumb-grips and a red racing stripe


Besides the wheel, how else can you freshen up your Miata?


Let's move on to the piece you touch second most often - the shift boot. It's a piece that often wears with time and therefore deserves some attention.


A Mazda Miata shift boot along with the emergency brake boot can both be easily swapped out. You can move from factory-generic units to a pair of Miata interior parts that help display your custom theme and make a big visual difference:


Mazda Miata interior – shift boots with stripes


Custom Interior Accessories for Your Mazda Miata

A shift boot and a steering wheel cover eventually become must-haves - as condition of the factory-installed equipment worsens with time.


Another Miata interior accessory worth considering is a Miata armrest cover. If you’re a pet lover, you probably noticed that driving around with dogs often results in permanent claw marks on your armrest.


Animals instinctively use their claws to remain stable in a moving car. A new armrest cover will not only restore the vehicle's armrest to like-new condition, but will also protect it against further wear.


Mazda Miata reupholstered armrest


An important optional upgrade we offer for an armrest cover is padding, which is a 3/4 inch thick layer of cushion inserted into the cover. This will increase your comfort level exponentially. So, even if you don’t need an armrest cover for aesthetic purposes, you might want to consider one for the added comfort it will provide.


In summary

If the condition of your Miata interior is important to you, go take a closer look at our Miata shift boots, Mazda Miata steering wheel covers, and Miata armrest covers.


We use genuine leather — top-grade Italian leather, in fact — which is very durable and will withstand age and heat much better than factory vinyl. We take pride in our manufacturing process, too, providing products that are of the highest quality.


A small, family-owned business with heart — you can trust RedlineGoods to make shift boots and leather steering wheel covers that fit like they’re straight out of the factory. Our focus on customer service ensures you’ll never have to worry about your RedlineGoods leather shift boot/steering wheel cover! Our products and services have an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 star rating from our happy customers!

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