shift boot installation guide

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1. Unscrew shift knob from shift arm.

2. Remove shift boot assembly from center console. There are clips that hold the assembly in the center console, but the assembly is easily removed by pulling gently on the shift boot.

3. This is what the removed shift assembly looks like.

4. Use a strap wrench to unscrew the shift knob counter clockwise to loosen it. It is on there very tight.

5. Remove the spring from inside the top of the shift connector.

6. This reveals the white plastic mechanism that holds the shift boot onto the shift connector. You will notice on both sides of the plastic mechanism tabs that hold the plastic mechanism onto the shift connector.

7. In order to remove the plastic mechanism, you will need to simultaneously gently pry up the tabs with two flat head screwdrivers while pulling upward on the plastic mechanism.

8. This is what the shift connector and plastic mechanism look like once separated.

9. The top of the shift boot is attached to the plastic mechanism by glue.

10. Slowly and gently pry the shift boot from the plastic mechanism.

11. The bottom of the shift boot is attached to the plastic ring assembly by glue and staples. Remove the staples with a flat head screwdriver. Once the staples have been removed, slowly and gently pry the shift boot from the plastic ring assembly.

12. To install your shift boot, follow the above steps in exactly the opposite order.



Useful tip

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