If you ever suffered from a lower back or neck pain after driving, you will love these. A great idea to complement your custom interior, and even more importantly a great way to MAKE YOUR DAY BETTER BY TAKING THE PAIN AWAY!. Our lumbar pads are very comfortable due to their padded backing and very stylish at the same time. They can be further enhanced with embroidery, as pictures below show - but you can of course order just the pads, without embroidery.


Can be mounted either around the seatback at lumbar height, or around the lower part of headrest for extra neck support. Base measures 12.5 inches wide and 7 inches tall. The pad will yield when your neck/lumbar presses against it, but will provide very good support for the troublesome areas of your spine.


Available in round (thicker, 3 1/2 inches) or teardrop (thinner, 2 1/2 thickness at widest point) shaped. Both use elastic with a buckle for immediate installation, can be moved as needed in seconds, removed for comfortable cleaning and used for other applications as well, not just in your car!





To order JUST THE LUMBAR PADS please use the table below. To order them along with other products like shift boots, steering wheel covers, etc. please use the navigation bar to select your make and model and shop for vehicle-specific items first. The option to add lumbar pads will appear on the order form.


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