armrest cover installation guide


1. Open the armrest, remove screws at the hinge to take it off the car. After removing armrest from vehicle flip upside down and locate the 7 screws that hold the lower hinge assembly together. Remove all seven screws.

2. Slide the hinge assembly back to expose a hidden screw. After all screws are removed (total of 8), you are now ready to separate the upper and lower shell of the armrest.

3. Locate the locking tabs at the top of the armrest.

4. Apply a prying tool between the two halves to help separate them. Once a wedge is applied the 2 locking tabs should release and the two halves will begin to separate.

5. Follow with your pry tool all around the outer edges of the armrest releasing the hidden locking tabs. There are 8 in total.

6. Once the lower half is removed you can now see the staples used to attach the leather to the plastic frame. Remove all the staples from the leather and remove the leather from the frame.

7. After the leather is removed leave the original foam intact as you will use this under your new leather.

8. Since you will be using contact cement for this application so surface preparation is required. Sand all contact surfaces to insure proper adhesion. Once completed test fit your leather cover and adjust accordingly.

9. Use the original leather cover to get an idea where your cuts will be. The cuts are necessary so that the leather will not excessively overlap and bunch up.

10. Apply the adhesive to the contact points and allow 2-3 minutes for the glue to cure before adhering leather to plastic. If applied too early the glue will saturate into the leather and will not adhere.

11. Once complete allow glue to dry then reassemble in reverse order.



Useful tip

You have installed a product made out of genuine leather. As you know, to maintain a leather product in good condition, you should take care of it. We suggest occasionally (every 4-6 week for example) applying some leather conditioner/UV protector to keep your leather from drying up in the sun and cracking.

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