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Scroll down for installation of auto shift boot, armrest cover, gauge hood cover!


First, with both hands, or soft flat implement, push the boot frame forward toward the front of the car. While doing this, lift the rear of the frame and lift it out of the console. Let the boot assembly hang loose.


Next, with two hands, firmly grasp the shifter knob and pull straight up. Use some restraint and care, as it is hard to remove on some vehicles. If it does not come off, invert the boot to make the shifter stalk visible. Tap the shift handle from below with a small piece of wood and a hammer. Lock the stalk in a forward gear first.


With the boot assembly off turn it upside down, you will see the tabs of an aluminum frame that holds the glued in boot, firm. With pliers or a similar tool, slightly squeeze the tabs inward and push them out at the same time. Work your way around the frame. DO NOT squeeze the tabs hard, they will break off.

2. Lift and remove the frame. Once this is done, you will also see the folded over tabs of the existing boot laced thru the plastic frame. By hand or with a small screw driver, peel these tabs back and remove the boot. Mark the front of this boot on the inside so that you can match the new boot. Its not symmetrical.

3. Next take the new boot and lace the tabs of the new boot thru the plastic frame. Tape off the old frame to protect it and use spray adhesive on the frame & tabs of the boot. When they get tacky, secure as before.

4. When this is done, reinstall the aluminum frame, tuck the boot as needed. Once the frame is installed correctly, slightly spread the tabs on the frame to keep it in place. Again, its fragile so be careful.

5. The old shift handle must be moved to the new boot. With the old boot inverted there is a two tab retainer that hold the boot to the knob. You have to squeeze the 2 tabs and remove the securing ring. Be careful not to break these parts, none are available separately. Install the shift handle on the new boot in the same way as it was installed on the old one.


Using a trim tool pop off side trim pieces, then from the cup holder lift and pop up center black trim.

2. Carefully pry down the old boot.

3. This will reveal the T-15 screw.

4. Only loosen no need to fully remove the t-15, then slide the old shift knob off.

5. Remove trim off shifter carefully and remove the parking brake plug on the bottm of the switch.

6. Carefully pull the boot throught the trim by prying the plastic ring by these clips, be carefull as the plastic ring is easily broken.

7. Lift the boot through the trim.

8. Reinstall new boot by pressing it into the trim.

9. Reinstall trim and boot over shifter lever, first pluging in the parking brake plug then firmly popping trim downward.

10. Reinstall shifter knob and tighten t-15 set screw.

11. Pull up on shifter boot untill it clicks into the shifter, and reinstall side trims by sliding front in the pressing the back down.


Open the armrest lid.

2. Remove the two philips head screws.

3. Lift plastic lid and pull up at the same time.

4. Both parts next to each other.

5. Remove hinge by removing 3 screws.

6. You can see how hinge is placed as installed.

7. Wrap the armrest in the new cover, gluing it down. Start on the top, make sure it's nice, even and flat. Once glue on top has settled, proceed to glue down the sides. To reinstall follow instructions in reverse!


Disconnect the battery, then remove A-pillar trim by pulling it towards you, make sure hands are clean or wear gloves.

2. Be mindful of a airbag clip at the top of the trim, just slide the clip up off the trim as seen here.

3. Begin carefully popping up trim starting with the driver speaker grill which is attached to rear trim. use a trim removal tool to prevent scratching or digging.

4. Work in small sections at a time as its all one piece.

5. Here you can see the location of the single 7mm bolt that holds the guage cluster hood on, remove that as seen here.

6. Simply slide the hood towards you, in a straight movement. Remove the section that will be wrapped (assembled with bolts) and proceed to wrap it in leather - align it carefully and glue it down starting on one side, making sure it's glued nice and flat. Contact cement or another glue with a longer set time will allow you to make small corrections if you notice any imperfections.

7. Slide new guage cluster into position, insert 7mm bolt and press down rear plastic trim working from one side to another finishing with the driver speaker grill.

8. Reinstall a pillar trim.jpg

9. Slide the clip back into position at the top of the A-pillar trim.

10. Press clips firmly into place insuring they are lined up inside the A-Pillar.



Useful tip

You have installed a product made out of genuine leather. As you know, to maintain a leather product in good condition, you should take care of it. We suggest occasionally (every 4-6 week for example) applying some leather conditioner/UV protector to keep your leather from drying up in the sun and cracking.

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