We specialize EXCLUSIVELY in shift and brake boots as well as armrest covers and selected miscellaneous interior pieces - which is why we are so good at it. Our products are made manually while observing very high quality standards. We receive compliments on the products AND on our customer service DAILY.


To-date, we have served over 50 THOUSAND customers! There are a lot of positive testimonials, as well as references to car forums where our products are universally acclaimed as the best boots available on the market today. We welcome you to read some of the praise we've received to-date.

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OUR LEATHER is top grade Italian calfskin leather. It is much thicker (1mm, .04 inch - VERY thick) than the stock vinyl, which makes them form very nicely. 1st picture: our leather (right) vs stock vinyl (left). 2nd picture: backside of our leather (top) vs. backside of vinyl (bottom).

OUR STITCHING is double. It`s more durable than single stitching because there are more rows of stitching holding the leather together. Not to mention the cosmetics:

THE DESIGN (SHAPE) is an exact copy of the OEM boots, including all details. They will FIT JUST LIKE OEM but LOOK WAY BETTER!

They are great to look at, very neat to touch and definitely add style and identity to your interior. They smell great too! :) Plus, they WILL NOT peel off like the vinyl pieces coming stock in most cars and offered by some of our competition.

Just see this comparison: on the left, the stock, vinyl, uninteresting shift boot. On the right - our version of it!

More examples or our work:

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