Why does it make perfect sense to have RedlineGoods install the wrap for you?


- It's cost effective!

Instaling a leather wrap means 5-6 hours of tedious work for the unexperienced, and 3-4 hours once you've done it several times. How much is your time worth?


- Full A-Z guarantee

While instaling a wrap is not technically difficult, just requires patience and attention to detail, mistakes might happen. Let us worry about the process, and you just enjoy the perfect results!


- No fumes of glue and achy fingers and back

Installation of a wrap means dealing with glues, needles, foams. Glue has an unpleasant (and sometimes lingering) smell, needles leave your fingers hurting for a while. Unless you have, or can create, a wooden stand to prop the wheel up, you're looking at holding it on your knees and bending over it for 5 hours, which might cause discomfort in your back for a day afterwards (or worse, if you have back issues already.)


If you still want to tackle this yourself as a DIY project - great! There's great pride in hard labor and we, craftsmen by trade, know it full well, that's why we love what we do! But, if you'd rather have the pros handle the cons of this task, read on!


1. So, how does this work?

When you order a leather wheel wrap, it will be delivered to you for quality inspection. You might wonder why not send the wrap for installation directly. Well, since you need to ship us your wheel anyway, adding the wrap to the box won't make any difference in price of shipping the wheel to us for installation, and will give you a chance to check your wrap - make sure the colors are just as you wanted them to be, make sure there are no blemishes on the leather and that overall it looks just the way you want it to!

Remove your wheel (or have your mechanic do it for you), and send it to us along with the wrap. We'll take it from there! :)


2. How long is the turnaround time?

The wheel will be shipped back with the wrap installed, to the address of your choice, within 24-48 hours. Please call ahead of time to schedule your installation and make sure there's no line-up of wheels when yours comes in! Our contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.


3. Can you disassemble the wheel for me?

You need to remove the airbag to remove the wheel from the car anyway. And shipping companies won't accept an airbag anyway since it could deploy uncontrollably when pressure changes on an aircraft. So please keep your airbag and do not try to send it. In order to save on shipping costs, we suggest also removing any other wheel hardware like button panels. They are very easy to remove once you have access to the airbag recess where the screws are located.


4. What type of box should I ship the wheel in?

We recommend 17x17x7 boxes to lower the shipping costs. They can be obtained through any shipping company. If you don't have bubble wraps handy, just secure the wheel with paper, foam, or anything really. The only part of the wheel that can suffer during transit should you fail to secure it properly is the old wrap... and we're taking it off anyway! :)


5. Where do I ship it to and which carrier should I use?

Please ship the wrap to

RedlineGoods c/o Nora Gonzalez
411 Gooseneck Dr. Unit B5
Cary, NC 27513

We suggest USPS or UPS ground. If you are pressed for time you can overnight it. We can overnight it back but will expect you to cover the return shipping cost.


6. How much does it cost and how to I pay?

We charge $149 for installation of a wrap or $199 if you order it with either or both extra options (thumb-grips, padding). You can conveniently check-out via our order page, just add the wheel installation to your order before going to check-out and we will contact you to book you an install date that will fit into your plans.

If you decide to add installation later, after you've placed the order for the wheel, please contact us and we'll guide you through the process.

For more information on our premium services please contact us at 919-961-6789 (9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST) or send an email to


Please take a minute to see pictures of steering wheel cover installation work we've done for past customers!

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